The Blog Post No one Asked For But it Turns Out Two Months of Doing Nothing Can be Quite Boring so Here You Go

I wasn’t planning on posting again but as I have already stated I am very,very,very bored as a result of an onslaught of various illnesses and just general laziness on my part. Due to a messed up sleeping schedule and the fact that I’ve already binge watched all of the seasons of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” I thought I might as well review my first term of college because…I don’t know really. Maybe so I can read back on this at the end of the four years or maybe so other people can relate (lol no one is reading this)

Anyway, I don’t know what I expected from college. I wasn’t even sure if I wanted to go to college even when I got my course (5th place but who wants to be a midwife anyway…seriously I hate babies and pregnant women make me uncomfortable I don’t know why I put it down). I thought since I got a grant I would just go with it and things…surprisingly worked out. I got to move out of Shannon and into Limerick and coincidentally moved in with someone from my course which definitely worked to my advantage because I still didn’t have my timetable by week three and he knew where everything was. I actually knew of most of the people I’m friends with now but I’m so glad I got to know them because they’re some of the weirdest, funniest people you’ll meet and I used to have no idea! Even though I didn’t know what to expect I still somehow felt…underwhelmed by college? Like somehow there should be more to it? I don’t really understand why I exactly felt that way but I did at the time. I know one thing now though, all I want to do now is go back.

I think if I had to sum up the educational side of college so far it would be with one word: grand. But as an experience it has been weird, random, and fun. Some Highlights have been:

  • Showing up at a random house party with my roommates without knowing anyone there and then drunkenly claiming it was my house (everyone believed me and told me what a great party it was)
  • Trying (and almost succeeding) to get into a club with a black girl’s I.D. (side note I am very,very white)
  • Feeding an entire block of cheese to a German Shepard that I tried to coax into my house
  • Apologising to my roommate for letting the Germane Shepard chew up the house’s wooden spoon…
  • Singing Oh Danny Boy with Turfy. Repeatedly.
  • Belting out Blank Space with Eilis. Repeatedly.
  • Disappearing on the Mystery Tour
  • Being at the buzz stop and shouting at UNAAAAAA
  • Watching many,many episodes of Dexter in a row
  • My neighbour threatening to put my roommate “in a hole”
  • Allegedly kicking a hole in a wall
  • Conglomerates
  • The Boston cream donuts in Spar are the single BEST thing about college.Many would argue the wedges. You are wrong. End of discussion.

Wiki Post 3 – What Do I Do?

I don’t know what to write for this. There I said it. I’ll admit it’s been a long day and I’ve been trying to think of something for ages to put up for my third post so I thought I might as well write about what I don’t know- and there’s a lot that I don’t know (no,no really I swear). Either this is a good idea or a bad one but I’m just going to roll with this one just because of reasons. So let’s begin with this blog post. I think one of the reasons I can’t think of anything is that I was given a lot of choice and I’m not great with choosing, I’ll tell you that much. Once I was asked to choose between watching Grown Ups 2 and- well anything would have been better to be honest. But guess what I picked. The wrong one. On a side note what happened to Adam Sandler?.I used to like at least two of his films but now it’s just awful what he’s coming out with. I mean who ever thought Jack and Jill would be a good idea. WHO I ask you?! I get sidetracked but I mean they’re films (some would argue that they are an insult to film) so it relates to media, right?

Anyway this blog has been a right pain and I’m not sure why. Probably because it has to feature personality and that’s just tiring. I much prefer objective writing where there is just facts. It’s so much more easier. Plus I know exactly what to write for an article but here there’s a lot of thinking involved (I know ,ew thinking amirite). It was quite easy in the beginning because I had things to base the posts on but now I’m resorting to writing about my blog in my blog… I really want to say blogception but I feel like that has been overused and that I probably shouldn’t but hey! here I am using it.

I was very critical in starting this blog because I have only ever seen one before and it was actually on word press. The first header read ” I cannot live in a world full of satin”. Satin. I really do hope she meant Satan because as far as I’m aware satin hasn’t done anything wrong to her unless somehow her whole family was killed in a tragic accident relating to satin of course. But how probable is that? I mean how many deaths a year are satin related? You see these are the questions I ask myself instead of writing a blog that is relevant. Anyway it was this spelling error that really annoyed me and put me off blogging. It was the ignorance of this one person that ruined this form for me (I’m not sure why I’m just very judgmental). But maybe I should give blogging a chance just like that blogger should give satin a chance- besides its cotton that’s the one you need to look out for.

Wiki Post 2.0- Still not sure about blogging

This post is dedicated to my group -you know who you are. When I first met my group I was really awkward and ended up sitting in the wrong place so I kind of had to ask around to find them. Once I did find them I was still sitting in the wrong row so I ended up talking back to them instead of just going over to their row- I really don’t know why so don’t ask. As you can tell I’m not really a “people person”. Anyway, they all seemed nice enough even though it was a little awkward.

I think it was the Tweasure Hunt (I hate saying that out loud, thanks Alan) that actually helped in easing some of the awkwardness between us. It got us talking while giving us a goal.  Even though we didn’t win the book (thanks again Alan) it was still a good exercise to get us to meet because I had actually forgotten all of their names and faces after the initial meeting. We were able to remind each other of our names and give out our contact information.

I feel like we worked well as a group but it would have saved me some stress if we had met up more to get things straight , like when to get the pictures because this changed all the time and when to upload them (this also took longer than expected).They were a lot more laid back and relaxed when it came to the assignment and ,ya know, the work involved so I kind of had to take on the role of organizing when to meet up ,which I have never done before. I’ve always just been the person to go along with other people’s plans,never having to plan much and to be honest I liked it that way! We ended up meeting up about twice- it was difficult to organize okay!? Pretty good if you ask me. We got each others numbers so we could text when to meet up etc. because yes I do not have a Facebook (cue gasps of shock). We never really specified what each of us had to do on the Wiki so after the two meet-ups we kind of each just added bits at a time until it was finished. All-in-all we got the work done and I feel like the group was grand and that we got along. Well this concludes my second post, see you in the third.

Wiki Assignment Post 1- Blogging…?

So…before this assignment I didn’t even know Wiki was a “thing” and didn’t have any experience with editing or anything like that but I think I eventually got the hang of it (we shall see if I actually have got the hang of it once the results come out). My group got three places to write up and visit for the assignment- People’s Park ,The Frank McCourt Museum and the Limerick City Gallery of Art. First up was People’s Park, which I actually enjoyed though it doesn’t exactly “shine” through in the photos. The park was actually really lovely and I liked it a lot.

...and again

…and again

Me having the time of my life at the park

Me having the time of my life at the park

After that was the art gallery which was grand, I wasn’t extremely impressed anyway. I’m not too fond of simplicity. Lastly was the Frank McCourt Museum which was closed so…yeah that was great. I did see a desk though so I can’t complain- wasn’t aware they had air fresheners back then though.

The infamous poser Frank and I.

The infamous poser Frank and I.

Air fresheners were very common in old classrooms.

Air fresheners were very common in old classrooms.

These are the three positions of the places we visited.

It wasn’t too difficult to research and get information on the three places.From this assignment I discovered the following resources by myself: